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  1. Athena Jezik -LMT
    Corrina Rachel- Massage Model

    Back Massage Techniques For Women – ASMR-

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  2. I’ve learned so much from watching your videos and have put your methods
    into practice. Also your political views are right on point. I agree 100%
    Great video!!!

  3. Athena, I love you and your vids. Some of the most relaxing stuff I have
    ever seen, and I’m not even on the table!

    But there is no such thing as “alternative ways” or practices.

    Everything gets tested through clinical trials. If it works its simply good
    medicine, because it works! If it is shown not to work then it is proven to
    be ineffective. Thats not alternative either. It’s just bad ineffective
    Nor is herbal medicine alternative medicine as the effects of each herb and
    their properties has been part of the scientific community for a very long
    Using phrases like “alternative ways” and medicine are just a play on
    words. Nothing more. For such a thing in reality does not exist.

    If you are suggesting massage therapy is alternative medicine or way, it’s
    just another play on words. The question is, has massage therapy been
    tested and verified to work? Does it actually help people with medical and
    physical problems or injuries? It certainly can be relaxing but can it
    actually heal? The only real answer to that I could find was this…..
    “Research in the massage therapy field is still in infancy partly due to a
    lack of research infrastructure and a research tradition. The result is
    that most registered massage therapists are not accustomed to reading,
    analyzing, conducting, writing case studies or applying research in their
    own practice.
    Harriet Hall, RMT, PDP, from “Vision of Specialization for Registered
    Massage Therapists.”
    It points to one of the problems of the field. That most are poorly trained
    and are not certified. Not to mention it’s almost impossible to find a
    “medical” massage therapist. But they do exist.
    The many claims coming from massage therapy from “improved digestion” to a
    cure of a hosts of medical ills are dubious at best and have not been
    proven by verifiable testing.
    The only thing I could find that has been a proven benefit of massage are
    as follows
    “Dr. Christopher explains that the only truly confirmed benefits of
    massage are its effects on mood (“affect”),9 specifically:

    massage reduces depression
    massage reduces anxiety”

    Wonderful! Seriously.

    And evidence shows through 20 years of study good massage probably does
    help lower back pain and problems. Depending of course how good your
    massage therapist is. Thats not to say that every claim made by therapists
    are true or has been proven true concerning back therapy.

    Lymphatic drainage. It’s purpose is to reduce swelling. But if you do not
    suffer from lymphoedema it is basically ineffectual. It works nicely on
    those people suffer with lymphoedema. But it’s not really massage therapy.
    It’s a specialization of sorts, a tool that only a few can do effectively
    on a global scale. Which is impressive in and of itself. Most who practice
    it happen to be massage therapists. So if your one of those people Athena,
    as you claim to be, people who suffer from that condition could find much
    benefit in this very specific treatment thats offered by you. That few can
    actually do.

    But is massage therapy alternative medicine? No. Much of the claims from
    the field have not been proven or proven effective at this time. Thats does
    not make it “alternative”. It means much more studies need to happen to
    either verify the many claims or prove them ineffective.

    Thank you for your time. :)

  4. I gotta support modern medicine. My father is alive because of modern
    medicine. He has an artificial aortic valve. My grandmother got colon
    cancer when she was 70 and the treatment caused it to recede. When she was
    90 she got Parotid cancer (the saliva gland near your ear) and the
    painkillers numbed the pain of the baseball sized tumor in her face. The
    radiation made it recede slightly and cause less pain.

  5. you from the psychetruth channel and the others who are defending every
    video, just can’t take honest and constructive critics! look at this video
    it has almost 30% dislikes….something like this was unimaginable earlier
    on psychetruth videos, so don’t you think there may be really some or some
    more truth in what people are saying or complaining about!? Athena’s
    professional skills are not questionable, but she should cut the talk, and
    especially politics etc, period!

  6. This is opening up a can of worms that I know better than doing, but
    seriously people, this is a health channel. You’re going to hear opinions
    that may go against the grain. If they obviously didn’t approve or want
    Athena’s opinion to be heard, then they would have stopped doing videos
    with her.

    At the end of the day, you’re the one in control of your browser. If you’re
    watching these videos for relaxation, then either just skip through the
    video until she stops talking about her opinion of modern medicine or watch
    another massage video that doesn’t have any politics in it. If you don’t
    like it, then simply don’t watch the video!

  7. I don’t have tv or care about this “media” argument I see everyone making,
    I just have to step away from the video because it was jam packed with a
    lot of uh… religion.

  8. Thanks Athena and Corrina! You guys did a great job as usual. (Well,
    Corrina, you didn’t do anything, but I still enjoyed it) And Athena,
    thanks for the words. I think this is a good venue to discuss holistic
    medicine while working on someone’s naked back. I especially liked what
    you said about respecting the body. Thanks for the video.

  9. Hello Corrina, love you`re videos. But, only one question, have you ever
    tried Cranio Sacral Therapy (CST) floating in a hot swimming pool (37
    degree Celsius), supported by 4 therapists? If not, it is highly
    And since I work with this my self in Norway, I wish I could invite you (
    well, I do, but since I live in Norway, it is a long way to travel…:) )

  10. I agree with her. All the sheep that will follow Corporate healthcare
    system Obomacare will only make the insurance companies rich. As she says
    they are just profiting off the suffering of others.

  11. I dont understand why people complain about her opinions… she is 100%
    correct. We do not consider our bodies and are programmed not to. Anyway
    Video was so relaxing, I felt as though my vertebrae were being realigned
    and healed just watching and listening. 

  12. I agree with everyone saying if you don’t like her opinions then either
    mute it or don’t watch it. Personally, I don’t agree or disagree with her
    statements, I just listen to her voice in general and that stuff puts me to
    sleep! I would be beyond upset if Athena had to stop making vids because
    people didn’t approve of what she had to say! I’d never get to sleep again!

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