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  1. Very cool. I was excited to see you do some techniques that I already was
    doing. I’m currently a student and I utilize all that I can… Have a good

  2. I love the video it was very informative and I loved her tattoos. Looking
    forward too seeing more of your videos. Roderick Massage Therapist Det Mi

  3. WOW to the some of the comments I’m reading on this page. I scrolled down &
    one guy said that all Asians who have have tattoos are prosititutes. Are
    you kidding me? What a way to stereotype & pigeonhole a whole group of
    minorities here! I’m Asian American & have some Asian relatives who have
    tattoos & they’re NOT escorts, hookers, & prostitutes. I’m shaking my head
    at many of the people who are slamming people for having tattoos. I think
    Anna, the Asian model in this video is very (cont.)

  4. This is the best soundtrack in any of you guys’s video’s! Jen talked at the
    right time a million times, bravo.

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