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  1. I love Hale & Pace and for ages I was looking for this skit on YT to no
    avail. Thanks for uploading and sharing the laughter! :-)))

  2. Showing breasts on TV is mandatory in entire Western Europe. We would have
    sued Janet Jackson for keeping one breast hidden.

  3. As an American I thought I was missing out on the joke somehow until the
    last line. Its just about those polite Swedes… Do they show breasts on TV
    in England?

  4. Classic! IIRC this was one of Hale & Pace’s favourites, but they
    underestimated just how brilliantly funny they could be without being

  5. I liked the video too much.Really fentastic concept,very well acted and
    rehersed skit. I alos would like to act as Nude in film

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