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  1. Hi there – There are several different reasons for this. Let me ask you a
    few questions… What kind of Infrared Sauna are you using? What kind of
    heaters are they? What did the temperature get to? How long was your

  2. Hi! I just had my first sauna in one of these today. I didn’t sweat very
    much. In the normal sauna design (heater heats air, air heats user), I
    sweat quite a lot. Any ideas about that?

  3. Hi. I began sweating more shortly after a few sessions. I do think one
    sweats more in a traditional sauna, however. I cannot say which one is
    healthier. I do think the infrared sauna is easier to obtain and less
    expensive to run.

  4. All of these (and more) can contribute to how much you sweat. Do realize
    that the heat is much different in an Infrared Sauna compared to a
    traditional sauna. A Finnish sauna heats up the air much more while a
    really good Infrared Sauna penetrates more deeply, adding to the health and
    healing benefits.

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