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Confession: Why I hired someone to snuggle
Since everyone likes being held, everyone can benefit from snuggling, even if it's paid for like a massage. Diehr dismisses any claims that paid snuggling would have an implied allusion to prostitution. If a customer– Diehr has snuggled both men and …
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Alexis on the Sexes: Match points
Things to avoid: wearing hats that hide your face, obscured action shots from far away (we get it, you like snowboarding) and being flanked by multiple men or women. No half-naked selfies, either (unless you're on … No amount of “I'm so sorry, I was …

Who's hot and who's not? We look at the best (and worst) of the Melbourne
We massage the comedians ahead of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Herald Sun; 03 Apr 2014; Entertainment. ALL hail the new kids on the block! There's lots of buzz around EDGE! the show which won … Our reviewer and fine example to young …
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