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  1. Help us make our videos better. If you have any suggestions for
    improvement, let us know please. Let us know what you like or don’t like
    about our videos! We want to make content that you want to see!

  2. Could you please add some videos about health and taking care of teeth?
    That’s something I think you should add to your channel.

  3. How about posting a massage video that shows us how to set up a serene
    enviroment in our homes or clinics. Such as what colors to use on the
    walls. Fraquances and aroma candles that smell nice. What furniture to buy
    and things that will make a client or friend feel at ease and relaxed.

  4. That massage looks very relaxing and I want to say good job. Corrina Rachel
    has the best job in the world.

  5. For me you don’t have to change anything. I find your video’s very
    helpfull, good explenation, and very good filmed with multiple camera’s.
    And I prefer longer video’s. Sorry for the language, english is not my
    first language, i’m from the Netherlands :)

  6. Boris Shallowgrave - Reply

    Combination of music and christens soothing voice is the equivelant of a
    sleep orgasm… 🙂 thank you phsyctruth for helping with my insomnia! Your
    videos have been a revalation.

  7. Virturally EVERY TIME she goes down the back she goes down the sides of the
    person instead of concentrating on the lower back. The shoulder/neck work
    is awesome though….After the 3rd or 4th time seeing that I couldn’t watch
    it anymore.

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