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  1. Other guy cheated to last longer, while Timo is a guy who doesn’t quit.
    Placebo effect took over and made Timo survived while the other guys cheats
    run out, as a result the opponents body got shocked by the sudden change in
    temperature killing him instantly.

    …by the rules, Timo still lost though. As mentioned by other comments, a
    guy being escorted out is disqualified so the 3rd place guy Won officially.

    • He used illegal painkillers that convinced his body there wasn’t any heat, so he stayed in there long enough for his body to burn without him noticing.

  2. @ Jusedeaf ‘what went wrong’
    OK, good question. About 3 major factors: 1 – the sauna used in the 2010
    competition was preheated. Its roasting the second you step in, it used to
    take 2/3 minutes to warm up, getting more and more intense. Now the
    intensity is there immediately. 2 – The Russian cheated, he used lotions
    and medication increasing (probably his pain) tolerance. He died. Timo
    stayed with him, trying to beat him, and came out last, but the rules
    stipulate if you need assistance getting out, you are disqualified. So the
    Russian and Timo were both disqualified meaning the 3rd place guy won. 3 –
    they are pouring 1/2 a litre of water (which instantly becomes steam) on
    the coals every 30s. The heat of hot air in a room is bearable, steam is
    less bearable. It burns, its over 100 degrees so it vaporises but its very
    hot. THIS is why he has burns like that. Scalding from water/steam.
    Its a sick competition, but great in its own way, but in 2010 they pushed
    the barriers a bit far, and it hasn’t been held again since. But according
    to the interview Timo stresses the difference between the normal
    competition sauna and the one in 2010. The one in 2010 was a freakin DEMON.
    Hope this helps :))

  3. The man was determined to win, and when he’s been in the competition when
    it was just a local thing, you can’t blame him. Some people will go to
    extreme lengths to win, even cheat, even if the risk is so high. A lot of
    sports have a danger to them, it’s just a matter of what you’re willing to
    go through. Timo Kaukonen would still enjoy, as he should, showing that he
    wasn’t in it just to win. It’s tragic that he suffered, because of someone
    else’s cheating.

  4. okey this say Heinola sauna competition, Sauna World Championships 2010,
    ended in a tragic death of a Russian and Finnish competitor Timo Kaukonen
    serious injury. What went wrong?

  5. the title is in finnish, are you saying that if anyone from any non english
    speaking country wants to post a video they have to declare that it is not
    in english in the title? you sound like an entitled asshole. get real, this
    documentary wasn’t intended to be for english speaking people, they dont
    owe us any explanation. no where does it state its supposed to be in
    english so i dont know what the fuck you expected.

  6. Hey I spent some time to translate the video. I’ll send the subtitles to
    you as a .txt file. Check out your messages!

  7. Kaukonen’s appearance on a tv show called “Superhumans” presented by Stan
    Lee, probably in the end of 2009 or begining of 2010 might have played an
    important role in the belief Kaukonen nurtured within himself as
    indestructible…this would have proved a nearly tragic mistake for him.

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